Here are some  other places
Matthew Dodd
has performed one or more of his
Songs and Stories shows:

Gettysburg Tourist Bureau Civil War lecture Series
C&O Canal Days, Cumberland, Md 
C&O Canal National Park (various sites)
Pennypacker Mills,Schwenksville,PA
Gettysburg (Pa) KOA
Gettysburg Campground
National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, Pa
Harper's Ferry (WVA) KOA
Antietam/Hagerstown (MD) KOA, 
Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh PA
Wilmington and Western Railroad   
West Chester Railroad
Milton Historical Society
Allentown Historical Society
Civil War Re-enactments
junior-high and elementary schools
Hbrg Area Com. College  Gettysburg Campus
Hbrg Area Com. College, Lebanon Campus
Lebanon Valley, Pa,  College
Johnstown Vacation Bureau Picnic 
Middletown/Hummelstown RR
National Toy Train Museum, Strasburg, Pa
various retirement centers
YMCA camps
Catassaqua (Pa ) Historical Society
Thornbury Historical Society
Walnutport (Pa) Canal Festival
Landis Valley Museum
Rockwood (Pa) Rivers and Rails Festival
Carroll County (MD) Farm Musum
Hotel Hershey, Hershey PA
Fell's Point Maritime Museum, Baltimore Md
Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md.
Brunswick (Md.) Rail and Canal Museum
Berks Co. Heritage Society, Reading, Pa
Atlantic Co. (N..J.) Historical Society
Hotel Hershey, Pa
Surratt Society, Clinton MD
Sea Witch Festival, Rehobeth Beach DE
Sailing Festival, Stone Harbor NJ
Allegheny Portage RR National Hist. Site
Fredericksburg (VA) Museum
scout camps
Orwigsburg, Pa, Historical Society
East Pennsboro, Pa,  Historical Society
Iron Heritage Festival, Danville, Pa
Havre deGrace, Md, Maritime Museum
Union Canal Days, Lebanon, Pa
Ship Bottom, NJ, Concerts by the Bay
Harrisburg Country Club
Tamaqua Pa Train Station
Train Days, Ashland Va
Fort Belvoir Yacht Club, Wash. D.C.
Schuylkill Canal Asso.
Ocoquan, Va.,  Historic Society
Spring Grove, Pa., Historical society
      Morristown, NJ, National Historic Park
Nashville Public television  Civil war music documentary,
                   Nashville TN
Pittsburgh Zoo
Museum of American Wheels, Allentown PA
Cape Henlopen State Park
Rockingham Historic Site, NJ

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call Matthew at (717) 766-0139
or e-mail

              Songs and Stories of...   
                                   Schedule 2019
                                              (as of 7/7/19)

Jan 8— senior center (... the New Year)
Jan 11- retirement center (...the 1940s)
Jan 15-- Country Meadows 5, Camp Hill PA (...the New Year) 7 pm
Jan 18-- retirement center (the new Year)
Jan 21-- Country Meadows 3, Camp Hill (...the New Year) 3 pm
Jan 22-- retirement center  (...The American Road) 
Jan 31-- retirement center  (The American Hobo)

Feb 2-- Sweet Arrow Lake (Ground Hog Day Show-- 9 a.m.)
Feb 2-- retirement center
Feb 5-- retirement center
Feb 7-- retirement center 
Feb 9-- Ice Fest , Carlisle PA,  11mam-3pm
Feb11-- retirement center (... Valentine's Day)
Feb 12-- retirement center
Feb 13-- retirement center
Feb 14-- 59ers Club, Valley Forge (...Valentine's Day)
Feb 15-- retirement center
Feb 18--Country Meadows 3, Camp Hill PA (...Valentine's) 3 pm
 Feb 19--Country Meadows 2, Camp Hill PA (...Valentine's) 3 pm
Feb  21-- New Holland Historical Society (...the American Road)
Feb 23--retirement center 
Feb 25-- retirement center
Feb 26-- St. Peter's Church, Mechanicsburg PA (...Old RR Days)

March 4-- retirement center (... St. Patrick's Day)
March 5-- retirement center (...Mardi Gras)
March 6-- retirement center
March 8-- retirement center
March 11-- retirement center (... of St. Patrick's Day)  
March 12-- retirement center (... of St. Patrick's Day)  
March13— Landsdale Women's Group (...St. Patrick's Day)
March 14-- Newville Historical Society (... the Amer. Road)
March 15-- retirement center
March 17-- retirement center
March 18-- Country Meadows Bldg. 3 Camp Hill (... St. Pat)) 3 pm
March 19-- retirement center

April 1-- Sand Beach historical society
April 2-- retirement center
April 9-- retirement center (...Old Sailing Days)
April 13-- Gunston Hall, Lorton VA (...Amer. Revolution) (day)
April 13-- Gettysburg KOA (... the Civil War) (evening)
April 15-- Country Meadows, 3, Camp Hill, 3 pm
April 16-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill,   7 pm
April 18-- Road Scholars, Shepherd Springs MD  (...Canal Days)
April 23 (afternoon)-- retirement center
April 23-- Town Club of Lancaster 
April 26-- retirement center (...of 50s Rock'n'Roll)

May 2-- PP&L Retirees Luncheon
May 8-- Great Horizons, Morristown NJ (...the Civil War)
May 18-- Gettysburg Campground 7 pm (... of the Civil War)
May 19- Union Canal Days 1 pm (Old Canal Days)
May 20-- Country Meadows, 3, Camp Hill, 3 pm
May 21-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill, 7 pm
May 23-- retirement center (...Old Canal Days)
May 27-- retirement center (...the Red, White and Blue)
May 30-- Country Meadows 1, Camp Hill PA 2 pm
May 31-- Sunbury Senior Center (...the Red, White and Blue)

June 1-- Gettysburg Campground  (...Old sailing Days)
June 2-- Pennypacker Mills, Schwencksvlille PA (... the Civil War)
June 5-- retirement center (...the Old West)
June 8-- Dye Mansion, NJ (...of the American Revolution)
June 9-- kids' camp
June 10-- Country Meadows, 1, Camp Hill, Pa 2pm
June 14-- retirement center (...American Road)
June 17-- Country Meadows 3 Camp Hill,  3 pm
June 18--Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill  7 pm
June 19-- retirement center (...Civil War)
June 20 (day)  retirement center   
June 23-- Schuylkill Canal Fest (... of Old Canal Days)
June 26-- kids camp at Sweet Arrow Lake, Pine Grove PA
June 28-- Guthrie Library, Hanover PA (...about Space), 10 am
June 28--  Gettysburg KOA (...of the Civil War) 7 pm
June 29-- Gettysburg Campground (...of the Civil War)

July 4—retirement center (... of the American Revolution)
July 5---- Gettysburg KOA (...of the Civil War)
July 6-- Gettysburg Campground (...of the Civil War)
July 9-- retirement center
July 11-- retirement center
July 14-- Easton Heritage Days(.. Canal Days)                                 
July 15— Country Meadows 3 Camp Hill  3 pm
July 16-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill   7 pm                     
July 17-- retirement center  (...campfire)
July 18-- Orwigsburg (PA) Historical Society 7pm  (...Amer. Rev.)
July 20—Washington Crossing State Park NJ (...the Amer Revol)
July 21-- Wild West City, Netcong NJ (...of the Old West)
July 22-- Country Meadows 1, Camp Hill.  ...the Civil War)
July 23-- retirement center
July 26-- retirement center--(...Railroad Days)
July 28-- Irish-American  Society of Lancaster
July 29-- Long Beach Island (NJ) Museum (...Railroad Days)

Aug 1-- retirement center
Aug 11-- Bran Manor Horse Rescue, Sinking Springs PA
Aug 12-- Country Meadows 1, Camp Hill (around the World)
Aug 13-- Columbia Library, 10 am ...(about Space)
Aug 16--retirement center
Aug 19-- Country Meadows 3 Camp Hill  3 pm
Aug 20-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill 7 pm
Aug 23-- retirement center (...summer)
Aug 25-- Williamsport (Md) Canal Fest (...of Old Canal Days)
Aug 26-- Ocean Grove (NJ) Hist. Soc.,7 pm  (Old Railroad Days)
Aug 29-- Jewish Cultural Center, Reading PA (...of Labor Day)
Aug 30- retirement center (...campfire)

Sept 2-- retirement center (...of Labor Day)
Sept. 3-- retirement center
Sept 4-- St. Catherine's 50+ Club (... Old RR Days)
Sept 8--Kensington MD Railroad Show (...of Old Railroad Days)
Sept 11-- retirement center
Sept 16-- Country Meadows 3 Camp Hill,  3 pm
Sept 17-- Susq. Senior center (1:30)  (...the Civil War)
Sept 23-- Country Meadows 1, Camp Hill 
Sept 17-- retirement center 6 pm  (...the Amer. Road) 
Sept 24-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill, 7 pm
Sept. 25-- private party
Sept. 26-- Great Horizons, Morristown NJ, (...the Amer. Road)
Sept 27-- retirement center

Oct 3--  Hamburg(PA) Historical Society 
Oct 5- Gettysburg Campground (...of Halloween)
Oct 6-- Berks Co Heritage Museum (...of Canal Days & RR Days)
Oct 14-- Country Meadows 1 Camp Hill 
Oct 15-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill  (...of Halloween) 7 pm
Oct 21-- Country Meadows 3 Camp Hill (...of Halloween), 3 pm
Oct 22-- Retirement center (...around a Campfire)
Oct 23-- Juniata Co. Hist. Soc. (...the American Hobo)
Oct 25-- Seton Manor, Orwigsburg Pa (...of Halloween)
Oct 28-- Springs PA Historical Society 7 pm (...American Hobo)
Oct 29-- retirement center
Oct 28-- Springs PA Historical Society 7 pm (...American Hobo)
Oct 31-- retirement center (..of Halloween)

Nov 2—Train Day, Ashland Va (...RR Days & the American Hobo)
Nov 7-- Retirement center
Nov 8-- retirement center 
Nov 11-- retirement center (... American Heroes)
Nov 13--retirement center (... the Red, White and Blue)
Nov 18-- Country Meadows 3 Camp Hill 3 pm
Nov 19- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill  7 pm
Nov 30-- Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa )

Dec 1—Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa )
Dec 7— Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa)
Dec 8—Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa)
Dec 10--0 Seton manor (... of Christmas)
Dec 14— Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa
Dec 15-- Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa)
Dec 16-- Country Meadows Camp Hill 3 (...of Christmas) 2 pm
Dec 17-- Country Meadows 5 Camp Hill (...of Christmas) 7  pm
Dec 19-- retirement center  (...of Christmas)
Dec 20-- retirement center
Dec 21-- Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa)
Dec 22--Hotel Hershey (Breakfast with Santa)
Dec 24-- private partty
Dec 31-- retirement center (...of the New Year)