Testimonials for the Shows:

"Your program was wonderful, and we thoroughly enjoyed having you as part of our schedule of activities.  Your program truly gave visitors a chance to experience history from a unique perspective."
--Coordinator, Canal Place, Cumberland, MD

"Sir, you are a musician, a historian and an entertainer,"
--a Confederate Re-Enactor

 "Your show is lively and fun... you fit in perfectly here."
      -- Programming Director, Historic Cold Spring Village,   
                             Cape May, NJ

"Your show itself was worth the price of admission."
       -- Guest at Historic Cold Spring Village

"I have not seen that much enthusiasm and toe-tapping here in quite a while! Everyone is still talking about the show and how much they enjoyed it!" 
      --Activities Director,  Retirement Center

"This is the best show we've ever had here!"
        -- resident at a retrirement center
              (said numerous times at various sites)

"You really brought back the  memories!" 
--a retired Railroader

"Your show was superb! Everyone loved it. And the horses loved it too!"
--Director, horse rescue ranch

"You really have a passion for it."
            --audience member    

"You are to be commended for your knowledge of the canal era."
          --canal historian and boat-model builder

"You have a wonderful instrument."
          -- opera and Braodway singer, Marilyn Savage,  
               referring to Matthew's voice      

"I wanted someone to tell stories like Mark Twain and sing songs too. You were perfect!"
            --historian's wife after his 50th birthday party

"I just want to say, you sir, are an inspiration and a revelation for many.  It's easy to learn the songs, but it 
takes dedication to learn OF the songs.  I am glad there are still people dedicated to not forgetting history, and keeping it very much alive."
--"Johnny Reb", re-encactor

"You are a national treasure."
                      -- member of the Surratt Society

"We thought you really were a hobo!'
                       -- audience mebers

"That was extraordinary!  I hope they have you every year!"
                     -- a teacher after a school show

"We love you!"
                      -- middle school students after a performance

"That was the best program on the American flag I ever saw"  -an 85-year-old audience member
Photo courtesy of Pennypacker Mills, 
Schwenksville PA

Photo courtesy of Gunston Hall,
 Mason Neck, Va